'Up & Down the Racetrack' Scenario Pack


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Incl. 19% VAT: € 6.95

Enjoy six scenarios with custom radio messages on the Racetrack: Chicago to Aurora Route for Train Simulator. Drive various passenger trains, ranging from commuter services with frequent stops to freight runs along this American route. Amtrak, METRA and freight trains need your full potential. Several hours of realistic gameplay including a variety of custom audio messages and realisitc traffic along the route await you!

Key Features:

  • Six prototypical passenger train scenarios
  • Stopping trains & freigh trains to drive
  • Variety of radio messages included in each scenario
  • Realistic traffic along the route
  • Manual & in-game text/audio in English
  • Download product with installation program
  • Difficulty level: Medium
  • Download size: approx.: 13 MB

System Requirements:

    • Train Simulator
    • TS: The Racetrack: Aurora - Chicago Route Add-On
    • TS: Amtrak P42 DC 'Empire Builder' Loco Add-On
    • TS: Amtrak® Dash 8-32BWH Loco Add-On

    Scenario Overview:

    [T&D RT01] 01. Metra Train 1327
    On this early morning, you have been tasked with taking Metra train 1327, a semi express service originating in Chicago Union, and terminating in Aurora. The timetable calls for stops at Downers Grove, Belmont, Lisle, Naperville, Route 59, and Aurora.

    [T&D RT01] 02. Metra Train 1216
    You are in charge of Metra Train 1216, a stopping service terminating in Chicago. You have just completed your stop here at Highlands, and your cleared to depart. The timetable calls for stops at Western Springs, Stone Ave, Lagrange, Congress Park, Brookfield, Hollywood, Riverside, Berwyn, and Chicago Union.

    [T&D RT01] 03. Amtrak 381
    You are in charge of Amtrak's Carl Sandburg, Train 381, which operates between Chicago and Quincy, from here at Chicago Union, over to Naperville. En-route to Naperville, the timetable calls for a stop at LaGrange.

    [T&D RT01] 04. Amtrak 380
    Take charge of Amtrak Train 380, the inbound Illinois Zephyr, from here at Naperville over to the terminus, Chicago Union Station calling at LaGrange en-route.

    [T&D RT01] 05. Metra Train 1213
    Take charge of Metra Train 1213 from Downers Grove, over to Aurora, calling at all stops en-route. You will also be following a freight service, so sticking to the timetable will be a challenge.

    [T&D RT01] 06. Saving the Day
    A Chicago bound Metra service has broken down at Harlem Ave station. Your job today is to use a spare 'geep' and transport the broken down service to 14th Street Yard for repairs.


    This product is delivered as a zipped download including installation program and manuals.

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