T:ANE US ATC Class S 160 Steam


  • € 14.15 Incl. 19% VAT: € 16.84

Incl. 19% VAT: € 16.84

o back in time! Drive an almost forgotten age. An age where the clocks were ticking differently, where “hectic rush“ was a foreign word and a steam engine was a symbol for strength, speed and innovation.

3DZUG's USATC S 160 steam locomotive of the United States Army Transportation Corps guarantees you pure nostalgia and excites with fantastic detail using the most modern techniques to generate the original locomotive visuals. In addition, a realistic and fully functional cab awaits you whose age and experience can be seen and felt. Many more details like realistic sound and an energetic fireman are waiting to be discovered!

Treat yourself to something special. Sniff the air of yesteryear and drive one of the locomotives built in great quantities in days gone past. 


  • USATC S 160 steam engine in two versions plus tenders
  • Fully functional cab
  • Realistic sounds, realistic visual appearance and animations
  • Animated fireman
  • Support for winter looks (snow/ice; months January-March)

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