RhB Crocodil Train Ge 6/6 I


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The route of the nostalgia train 
The "RhB - Crocodile" Ge 6 / 6` travels on the whole network of the Rhaetian Railway.
As a regular special train, however, its location is the track in Davoserland from Davos Platz to Filisur and back. This section of the "Heidi-Express" from Simtrain.ch is also the primary location of this add-on.
During the summer months, the train travels twice from Davos to Filisur and back. The crocodile leads a saloon car or car 1st class, as well as several cars former 2./3. Class, the historic freight car and an observation car.
The rolling stock

RhB Crocodile  Ge 6/6 I 414
The  1.Cl. car AS 1143 Pullman
The  2.Cl. car B 2060
The observation car B 2100 yellow
The 1.- 2CL. car B 2246
The goods car K1 5563


The scenarios
Quick Drive
The crocodile locomotive and the carriages can be used freely on all narrow gauge lines.

Standard  for the Heidi-Express 

5 train driver services, documented with service timetables, are included: 
- NOS01 Nostalgia in the land of Davos
Crocodile with historical train from Davos to Filisur and back
Departure 10:10 am - autumn - beautiful
- NOS02 short drive with crocodile from Davos to Filisur
Departure 4.10 pm - summer - cloudy
- NOS03 extra trip to the station party in Wiesen
from Kloster Platz to Wiesen, maneuvers, and locomotive to Filisur
Departure 1 pm - Spring, beautiful
- NOS04 crocodile pulls « moor heads »
A nostalgic freight train for the fans, from Schiers to the gravel
Frauenkirch - departure 12.00 clock - winter - beautiful
- NOS05 crocodile returns home
At home is the crocodile in the depot Landquart. The return of the
Special train therefore leads from Filisur down to Landquart.
Departure 5:40 pm - Autumn - beautiful

Free Roam
As a starting point for exploring the route, this product will give you 5 additional starting points for the Heidi Express. 
- FSp 21 Start in Davos Platz, direction Filisur
- FSp 22 Start in Davos in front od the depot
- FSp 23 Start in Filisur, direction Davos
- FSp 24 Start in Landquart direction Klosters-Davos-Filisur
- FSp 25 Start in Klosters Dorf direction Davos-Filisur

System requirements:
Train Simulator 2012-2019
for the scenarios you need the Heidi-Express
32/64 bit operating system: Windows 7/8/10
3.0 GHz PC or other dual core processor
8.0 GB RAM
Direct X 9.0c compatible graphics card with 1024 MB video memory
800 MB of free hard disk space
Shipping: Download (comressed zip archive, size: 286 mb)

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