NJT Special Move Scenario Pack


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Incl. 19% VAT: € 6.95


[T&D NJT01] 01. Return of the 40's

Due to a severe shortage of equipment, officials have decided to bring out some of the in-storage CAT’s and bring them for temporary revenue service. You will be in charge of NJT 303, which operates between Hoboken and Summit, calling at Newark Broad Street, Brick Church, Orange, South Orange, and Summit.


[T&D NJT01] 02. Long Branch Transfer

A cut of multi level coaches are in need of being transferred from here at Bay Head, north to Long Branch. Your job is to set up your duo of GP40PH-2B’s and collect the coaches and transport them north to Long Branch yard.


[T&D NJT01] 03. The Hudson Protect

The Hudson Protect consist is a special consist (that consists of a cab car and an ALP45DP) that is always on standby on the NJT network that stand's by for any commuter service's that break down and need rescuing. Your task today is to take the Harlem Protect from Rahway, north to New York Penn for storage.


[T&D NJT01] 04. Meadowlands Football Train

The NJT Meadowsland Football Train is a co-operated service between the local railroads serving the regions football fans. Your task today is to allow the fans to board here at New Rochelle before departing for New York Penn.


[T&D NJT01] 05. Movin' them Multi-Levels

Management has requested that several cuts of multi-level coaches be transported south to Bay Head from the MMC. Your job today is to take your duo of GP40PH-2B’s from here at Hoboken, down to the MMC and down the coastline. However, be prepared for adverse signals en-route.


[T&D NJT01] 06. Across to Sunnyside

Traffic is quite heavy on the network, so a decision to utilize two cuts of multi-levels over at Sunnyside has been made to relive the pressure. Your job today is to head over to Sunnyside from here at New York Penn to collect the cars and bring them back to New York Penn to start your service bound for Trenton.

Key Features:

  • Six prototypical  train scenarios
  • Realistic traffic along the route
  • Download product with installation program
  • Difficulty level: Medium
  • Download size: approx.: 1 MB

System Requirements:

  • Train Simulator
  • NJ Coastline
  • NJT Morristown
  • NJT ALP46 
  • NJT GP40
  • NJT F40
  • New York New Haven


This product is delivered as a self installing installation program.



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