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Incl. 19% VAT: € 5.95

Eight scenarios for the SECML Route Add-On from Just Trains, for Dovetail Games' Train Simulator, featuring the Voyager Advanced Add-On and the Class 67 Advanced Add-On, both developed by by Just Trains. Scenarios and manual in English. This version is the reworked version of the "Just SECML" scenario pack formerly released in 2013. An all-time classic scenario pack from Trains & Drivers.

Burntisland Shunting Pt.1

Your duty for today is to work on the Burntisland Docks. You will be unloading container cars from the dock as well as loading containers for deliveries later. The shunting engine used in this yard is broken and you will have to do the job with your Class 67 engine. Take care of your engine as it is normally not used to do shunting.

Burntisland Shunting Pt.2

You will be assembling a consist with the cars you loaded earlier this morning and then taking it to Inverkeithing. Once there you will be doing some yard shunting.  The weather has taken a turn for the bad.  A surprise storm has hit and caused an accident on the rails so you will not be seeing any other traffic. Also, communication has broken down for now and you will only have your work order (F1) to complete the job! Good luck!

Commuter services Pt.1

Having travelled up from Carstairs you begin your shift near Edinburgh. You will take your train to Waverley and then use the same unit to perform a commuter run to Thornton and Glenrothes. The line behind Rosyth is closed for rebuilding, so only skeleton services are provided. You will perfom an extra stop at this station before heading back on the mainline to continue your journey.

Commuter services Pt.2

The second leg of your shift will take you as far as Dundee, going via Perth.

Voyager 221 Pt. 1: To Dundee

Your unit had some serious software issues that forced an emergency brake just before Edinburgh. Your train has just been repaired after breaking down on the main line.  You will need to perform a cold start from where it is.  You will be taking the 221 Super Voyager to Dundee making stops along the way. Let´s hope there will be no additional problems on this run.

Voyager 221 Pt. 2:

Your unit has been replaced with another Class 221. You will be making the return trip to Waverley making stops at Leuchars, Cupar, Markinch, Kirkaldy, Inverkeithing, and Haymarket along the way.

The Royal Scotsman

The Royal Scotsman is a luxury train that runs between Edinburgh and Dundee and holds space for 36 passengers. It provides the best luxury and comfort available in a rolling hotel. In this scenario, you will take it non-stop from Dundee to Waverley, this is typically the return-trip after a week of rail-holidays.

Trains, Planes and Automobiles

(Recommended to play at the end of the scenario pack) Summertime, this means holiday, chartered planes and chartered trains as well. You will drive such a chartered holiday train to Penzance. Your passengers are taking their cars with them, so don´t forget to pick up the auto carriers at Dundee!

System Requirements:

  • Train Simulator by Dovetail Games
  • Scottish East Coast Main Line Route Add-On(Just Trains)
  • Voyager Advanced (Just Trains)
  • Class 67 Advanced (Just Trains)

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