Green Diesels Scenario Pack

Trains & Drivers

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Incl. 19% VAT: € 5.95

This Trains & Drivers scenario pack offers seven scenarios for the Western Lines of Scotland Route Add-On for Train Simulator. At the beginning 1960, the first generation diesel units took over most of the steam engines jobs, so in Scotland and all over the UK. The Port Road unfortunately was closed before the diesels could replace the steamers, so it was an uncommon sight to see diesel hauled trains on this Scottish route. But our add-on lets you experience this wonderful rail section through the cab of the early diesels.


Goods to Dumfries

Collect the needed wagons at Castle Douglas, load your train and take it to Dumfries.

 TPO to London

You will drive an early morning TPO from Stranraer to Newton Steward, where the next coaches are added and another crew takes over.

Express to Carlisle 

Today you will drive the evening train from Stranraer to Carlisle.

Down to the Harbour

You will take a mixed freight from Newton Stewart to Stranraer Harbor.

Passenger Train to Dumfries 

A stopping run with one of the new DMU's from Carlisle to Dumfries. The weather isn't very good today and it won't change during your run.

Stopping Train to Kirkcudbright

Drive the BR Class 111 from Castle Douglas to Kirkcudbright and back to Castle Douglas again. It's a very beautiful evening here.

Dumfries to Stranraer Harbour

Drive the express from Dumfries to Stranraer Harbour service with an intermediate stop at Castle Douglas.

System Requirements:

  • Train Simulator (Dovetail Games)
  • Western Lines of Scotland Route Add-On (Dovetail Games)
  • Class 111 DMU Add-On (Dovetail Games)
  • European Loco & Asset Pack (Dovetail Games)

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