Freight Pack 'Hccrrs'


  • € 6.68 Incl. 19% VAT: € 7.95

Incl. 19% VAT: € 7.95

Auto transport cars, developed by 3DZUG, for Train Simulator for Dovetail Games.

The ultra-modern Hccrrs auto transport wagon guarantees protection even for the most expensive cars and features highly realistic textures and accurate lettering with a special focus on every little detail. This wagon pack includes 3DZUG's well known CarCreator, that lets you install individual versions of the wagons, to give you a great variety: three different versions of weathering are selected randomly for each car in a train to make realistic consists possible, without any further editing by the user.


Two scenarios for the Leipzig-Berlin Route Add-On are included in this pack, so you can easily go for a rolling start!
Get this modern piece of rolling stock and upgrade your fleet!                

Key features: 

  • Hccrrs-Auto transporter high-detail version (DB traffic red)
  • Summer and Winter textures
  • 3different weathering versions (light, medium, dirty)
  • 4 different Graffiti designs
  • CarCreator chooses the appearance of each wagon randomly. (weathering and graffiti)
  • Choosable appearance of graffitis on the wagons (0, 25, 50, 75 and 100% probability)
  • Wagons with different weights when being loaded or un-loaded
  • Three texture detail levels choosable (optimised, normal and high resolution) (Read the manual for details)
  • Detailed wagon models and letterings with more than 100 dynamic numbers
  • Accurate Sound including "whisper brake" sounds (K-Sohle)
  • Quick Drive consists for different locomotive Add-Ons (BR120, BR155, BR189/Taurus) included.
  • Two scenarios for the Berlin-Leipzig Route Add-On included (DB BR 189 Locomotive Add-On and the Ruhr-Sieg-Line required to run the scenarios)
  • Newly developed and optimized AI-versions
  • Download product with installation program (70 MB)
  • Scenarios in German
  • Manual in German

System Requirements:

  • Train Simulator (Dovetail Games)
  • optional:
  • Ruhr-Sieg Line Add-On (Steam)
  • Berlin-Leipzig Route Add-On (Steam)
  • DB BR 189 Locomotive Add-On (Steam)


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