FRC: California Zephyr Scenario Pack

Trains & Drivers

  • € 5.00 Incl. 19% VAT: € 5.95

Incl. 19% VAT: € 5.95

The Trains & Drivers scenario pack for the Feather River Route Add-On for Train Simulator by Dovetail Games takes you on over 7 hours of scenic views through the famous Feather River Canyon aboard the iconic Western Pacific California Zephyr! 

Starting on March 20, 1949, the California Zephyr saw its share of operators. From CB&Q to Western Pacific, and D&RGW, the train always lived up to it's name of luxury travel. However, on April 24, 1983, that all changed. With the formation of the government operated Amtrak, instead of three operators, the Silver Lady met its last and final owner. Operating from Chicago to Emeryville, this semi trans-continental service runs through all sorts of environments , all of which make this service legendary. 

In this pack, you will experience the heyday of the California Zephyr. Set in Western Pacific Era (1969), this pack will bring you back in time to when the Silver Lady actually stood out from the crowd.

Key features:

  • Six realistic scenarios featuring Western Pacific Trains 17 and 18, taking you from Keddie to Oroville (Train 17) and back again with Train 18.
  • Around 7 hours in total
  • Realistic AI traffic with train meets, diversions and stops at red signals
  • Scenarios and manuals in English and German
  • Download product with installation program
  • Download size approx. 5 MB

System Requirements:

  • Train Simulator (Dovetail Games)
  • TS: Feather River Canyon Route Add-On (Dovetail Games)
  • TS: Western Pacific GP20 High Nose Locomotive Add-On
  • TS: Western Pacific FP7 'California Zephyr' Locomotive Add-On

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