East Coast Commuters Scenario Pack

Trains & Drivers

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Incl. 19% VAT: € 5.95

This Trains & Drivers scenario pack brings the NEC: New York  - Philadelphia and the NEC: New York - New Haven Route Add-Ons for Train Simulator to new life. You will be driving commuter trains between New York, Stamford and New Haven, Metro North services as well as the Northeast Regional service and even ACELA Express services. All scenarios feature realistic AI traffic and timetables according to Amtraks and MetroNorth's schedules. We combined a range of payware and freeware to give you the most realistic experience when driving your engines between Philadelphia and New Haven.

Note: This scenario pack was formerly released as "NEC Series IV"

The scenarios:

Boston-Bound Part 1 (Northeast Corridor)

First of a two-part scenario from Philadelphia to New Haven. Here you will drive the Acela Express 2154 until you reach New York Penn.

Boston Bound Part 2 (New York - New Haven)

In this scenario, you will drive an Acela Express from New York to to New Haven en route for Boston. No problems have been reported and it should be a clear run.

The Acela Express Part 1 (New York - New Haven)

First part of the scenario. You will drive the Acela Express between New Haven and New York, with a stop at Stamford.

The Acela Express Part 2 (Northeast Corridor)

Second part of the scenario. You will continue towards Philadelphia stopping at Newark on the way.

Northeast Regional 148 Part 1 (Northeast Corridor)

First part of a northbound scenario running from Philadelphia to New York. You will drive the Northeast Regional 148, from Washington to Springfield on this beautiful sunny day.

Northeast Regional 148 Part 2 (New York - New Haven)

Second part of the northbound scenario, from New York to New Haven, stopping at New Rochelle, Stamford and Bridgeport on the way. You will continue from where you finished the first part. Now you will proceed until New Haven Union Station, where the next crew will take over and change the locomotive.

Morning Train to Danbury (New York - New Haven)

Today you are in charge of a Metro North train to Danbury. Of course, since the line is not electrified after South Norwalk, your consist is made of a P32 Genesis and five Shoreliner cars.

Snowy Regional (New York - New Haven)

Drive a Northeast Regional train on a cold winter evening.The Northeast Corridor is covered with snow, but Amtrak continues its operations as usual. Drive your train to New York.

Diesel Commute (New York - New Haven)

You are in charge of the first train from Danbury to New York. The scenario starts shortly before South Norwalk. From there you continue until Grand Central Terminal.

System Requirements:

  • Train Simulator (Dovetail Games)
  • NEC: New York to New Haven (Dovetail Games)
  •  New York to Philadelphia (Dovetail Games)
  • Amtrak Acela Express Locomotive Add-On (Dovetail Games)
  • Metro-North Kawasaki M8 EMU Add-On (Dovetail Games)
  • Metro North P32 Genesis Locomotive Add-On (Dovetail Games)
  • European Loco and Asset Pack 


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