DB BR 155 Enhancement Pack


  • € 8.36 Incl. 19% VAT: € 9.95

Incl. 19% VAT: € 9.95

Versystem Sounddesign and LUCAS Creative Design present an extension pack for the DB BR155, for Train Simulator by Dovetail Games. This pack features new exteriour designs, including Graffiti, realistic staining on the outside and a variety of adjustments inside the cab.


Key featues:

  • Repaint- and expansion pack for the DB BR155, for Train Simulator
  • New textures and exterior design with realistic staining
  • New texture with Graffiti and realistic staining
  • Winter textures
  • Adjusted seating position
  • New interior design with realistic staining
  • Adjusted EBuLa display
  • Adjusted cab lighting
  • Download product with installation program
  • Download size: 45 MB

System Requirements:

  • Train Simulator (Dovetail Games / Steam)
  • Cologne - Koblenz Route Add-On (Dovetail Games / Steam)

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