Donner Pass Scenario Pack


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Incl. 19% VAT: € 6.95

[T&D DP01] 01. Red through the Snow'
You are in charge of the eastbound Amtrak California Zephyr, but you’ve been stopped at the signals just north of Colfax due to a faulty red aspect. Dispatch has just given you clearance to proceed, so set up your engine and make your way over Donner, however, the snow is proving to be a pain over the pass.

[T&D DP01] 02. Through the Sierra’s we go
Take charge of the westbound Amtrak California Zephyr over the famed Donner Pass. Your currently highballing your way between Reno and Truckee, and your due to make your next stop in about 30 minutes. Once your passenger stop is complete, continue onward over Donner.

[T&D DP01] 03. Donner Déjà vu
On this far from spectacular-weather day, you are in charge of the eastbound Amtrak California Zephyr. However, havoc has been hitting the Southern equipment today, so be prepared for anything.

[T&D DP01] 04. Cowls over to Truckee
Due to a signal failure, dispatch has stopped you just east of Tunnel 39. The signal has been cleared and you can now proceed to Truckee, but expect some adverse conditions en-route.

[T&D DP01] 05. Day of the Wrongs
Take charge of the famed Amtrak California Zephyr over the infamous Donner Pass. Your currently sat at a signal at Rocklin due to a wrong way Southern Pacific service. Once he has cleared the signal, proceed up over Donner, but expect more adverse signals en-route.

[T&D DP01] 06. West from Truckee
Its the closing stages of a dreary day, but the railroad doesnt show any signs of changing. Your in charge of the westbound California Zephyr, and your about to start your last leg of your trip over Donner, the
Truckee to Reno leg. Once passengers have boarded here at Truckee, depart for reno. However, you will be following a Southern Pacific service all the way, so be prepared for delays.

Key Features:

  • Six prototypical  train scenarios
  • Realistic traffic along the route
  • Download product with installation program
  • Difficulty level: Medium
  • Download size: approx.: 1 MB

System Requirements:

  • Train Simulator
  • TS: Donner Pass
  • TS: Amtrak E8 Add-On    
  • TS: Amtrak SDP40F Add-On    


This product is delivered as a self installing installation program.



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