Climbing up Marias Pass Scenario Pack

Trains & Drivers

  • € 5.84 Incl. 19% VAT: € 6.95

Incl. 19% VAT: € 6.95

This Trains & Drivers scenario pack for the famous Marias Pass Route Add-On for Train Simulator consists of 6 scenarios, including dispatch radio messages. Climb up this spectacular mountain pass, hauling freight trains, AMTRAK passenger trains, and do some switching around Kalispell.


  • Six scenarios on Marias Pass
  • Freight & Passenger scenarios
  • Radio Chatter included
  • Realistic (AI) traffic
  • Overall scenario difficulty: medium
  • Audio & texts in English
  • Manual in English
  • Download product with installation program
  • Download size approx.: 30 MB


  • Train Simulator: Marias Pass Route Add-On
  • Train Simulator: AMTRAK E8 Locomotive Add-On    
  • Train Simulator: BNSF Loco Pack Add-On

These requirements are valid for all scenarios included in this scenario pack.

This scenario pack includes scenarios for the Train Simulator add-ons listed above. These add-ons are not part of this product and available separately. They are required to play this scenario pack and available on Steam ( Please note that all BN and BNSF content is not available everywhere outside the U.S.


[T&D MP] 1.01: BN Train 14, Pt.1
Burlington Northern Train 14 is a TOFC service operating between Cicero at Chicago and Seattle. You have been stopped at Essex East to allow a supervisor to disembark, and you will soon be on the move.

[T&D MP] 1.02: BN Train 14, Pt.2
Continue your westbound trip to Whitefish, where your due to drop off some cars.

[T&D MP] 1.03: Grain Ballin'
You are the engineer of a Great Falls bound Burlington Northern Grain train. You have been stopped at Browning #2098 East to allow BN Extra 6612, a westbound tanker service, to pass via main 1. Once he has cleared and the signal permits, you can depart for Cut Bank, where you will conduct a crew change.

[TAD MP] 1.04: Kalispell Geeps
Its early morning, however, the railroad never sleeps. You have been tasked with taking a local service up the Kalispell Branch and eats to Essex, where a mainline service will pick up the cars. However, the first part of your job is to collect all the needed cars from around Kalispell. Once done, head up the branch and up to the Hi Line subdivision.

[T&D MP] 1.05: Amtrak Train 7
Amtraks infamous Empire Builder runs westbound as Train 7. You are the engineer of Amtrak Train 7, the Seattle bound Empire Builder service, across Marias Pass to Whitefish, where your shift will end. You have just arrived in Glacier Park, and your soon due to depart. Once the passengers have boarded, highball through the infamous Rocky Mountains and to your next stop at Essex.

[TAD MP] 1.06: Whitefish Swap Out
Amtrak Train 28 is the second eastbound (Chicago bound) Empire Builder. Your second A-Unit, Road Number 213, has failed, leading to a termination of service. Due to the grades of Marias Pass, its been decided to swap out 213 with a B-Unit. Your task is to do a swap out of 213 and the B-Unit.

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