Via Beckenham Scenario Pack

Trains & Drivers

  • € 5.00 Incl. 19% VAT: € 5.95

Incl. 19% VAT: € 5.95

IMPORTANT NOTE: We also released a Steam version of this scenario pack which also contains slightly adjusted versions (+ additional scenarios) of the following scenarios. The pack is available at Steam.

Scenario Pack on the Chatham Mainline between London Victoria and Chatham, for Train Simulator by Dovetail Games, developed by Trains and Drivers.

Key features:

  • Prototypical scenarios using real-world timetable and train codes
  • Multilingual version in English and German
  • Download product with Installation Program
  • Manual in English and German

Scenario Overview:

Cheaper Travel
You are in charge of Train 2D38 from Orpington to London Victoria via Penge East. It's the first off peak train to London of the day so be aware that stations may be busy. Apart from that it should be a smooth run.

Thameslink Trouble
You're in charge of Train 1G61 from Orpington to Bedford. London is currently suffering from the tail end of a storm from the Atlantic. You must battle through these conditions and keep your train on time, people are still relying on us to get them to work.

Heading Home
Having started late from Victoria stepping up a train for the evening peak, do you have the skills and determination to get the train to Gillingham and go home on time?

Bottle Neck
Emergency Engineering Work is taking place at Bromley, can you manage to weave your way through the stopping services on the slow lines and still arrive at your destination on time?

Food & Wine
Drive the last train of of Victoria to Gillingham. Do you have the skills to manage your drunken passengers and manage a faulty train at the same time?

Stopping Service
Take charge of Train 2M36 from London Victoria to Orpington. Do you have what it takes to keep your train on time through this tight timetable?

On Diversion
Take Train 5K62 out of the depot and form a stopping service into London. There are no reported delays, so what can go wrong?

Weekend Work
You're in charge of Train 1P32 from Rainham to Victoria. Engineering works at Faversham means that this train is starting at Rainham instead of Dover Priory today. It's a nice quiet sunday mornig and there are no reported problems.

System Requirements:

  • Train Simulator by Dovetail Games (Steam)
  • London to Brighton Route Add-On
  • Class 455/8 EMU Add-On
  • Class 378 EMU Add-On
  • Class 319 EMU Add-On
  • London to Faversham High Speed Line Route Add-On
  • Chatham Main Line Route Add-On

IMPORTANT NOTE: We also released a Steam version of this scenario pack which also contains slightly adjusted versions of the following scenarios (+ additional scenarios). The pack is available at Steam.

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