Budd RDC Pack 'New Haven'


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Incl. 19% VAT: € 14.95

The New Haven Budd RDC, developed by VNHRR, for Train Simulator by Dovetail Games, takes you back in time!

In the mid-20th century, passenger rail traffic in rural areas of the U.S. came under pressure due to increasing individual car ownership and the expanding highway network. In an effort to keep railroads competitive on less frequented passenger services, the Budd Company of Philadelphia, PA, developed the RDC, short for Rail Diesel Car, a selfpropelled, lightweight rail vehicle. RDC's were offered in four configurations: the RDC-1, with seating for 89 passengers, the RDC-2, with seating for 70 passengers and a small baggage compartment, the RDC-3, which offered space for 48 passengers and had both baggage and mail compartments, and lastly the RDC-4, designed exclusively for mail/express cargo. RDC's were also sold to railroads in Australia, Cuba, and Saudi-Arabia. Between 1949 and 1962, close to 400 units were built, several of which remain in service in Canada and the U.S. even today.

This add-on includes four different variants of the RDC and replaces the former RDC Budd New Haven Pack1 and RDC Budd New Haven Pack2

Key features:

  • Custom couplers
  • Custom sounds
  • dynamic numbers (real roster numbers),
  • light rain effects
  • animated wipers and cab controls.
  • RDC-1 (coach)the RDC-2 (coach with short baggage compartment)
  • RDC-3(coach with long baggage compartment.
  • RDC-4 (equipped with mail storage and sorting facilities)
  • Liveries: the as-delivered DuMaine era all-silver livery with the NYNH&H script heralds on front and sides
  • McGinnis era livery with the red, white, and black front/end sides.

General features:

  • Downloadable product
  • Installation program
  • Manual in English and German
  • Scenarios in English and German


  • [Budd RDC NH] Passenger Run to Hartford
  • [Budd RDC NH] All stops Hartford-Springfield
  • [Budd RDC NH] Just-in-time Deliveries
  • [Budd RDC NH] Express Freight
  • [Budd RDC NH] Morning Commuter
  • [Budd RDC NH] School Trip
  • [Budd RDC NH] Mail Express

You can select various options for each car from the list in the scenario editor:

  • With Passengers and lit interior (“Psgr” suffix)
  • Empty car with dark interior (“mt”) New Haven era, original Budd-built headlights (“LL” suffix), this represents the cars as they operated throughout the New Haven era and some also into the Amtrak era
  • Amtrak-era, rebuild headlights on top of the roof (“HL” suffix), this represents the cars as most that still exist in preservation appear today

System Requirements:

  • Train Simulator (Dovetail Games)
  • optional: VNHRR Route Add-On (Steam) or VNHRR Version 3.0 Upgrade (TaD) to play the included scenarios


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