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Incl. 19% VAT: € 19.94

Aerosoft´s Berlin - Wittenberg Route Add-On, created for Train Simulator by Dovetail Games, brings the 118 km long railway line between Berlin and Lutherstadt Wittenberg to life. More than 150 years after its opening the “Anhalt Railway”” presents itself as a modern traffic carrier with traveling speeds up to 200 km//h.

Despite all modernity,, traces of the past are obvious left and right of the tracks such as signal boxes, station buildings, old locomotive depots and much more. Experience 118 km of electrified main line, including the line to the new Berlin Airport BBI and12 km of Berlin S-Bahn. Pass through the Berlin city tunnel, the southern suburbs of Berlin and along Südgelände, Lichterfelde - Ost, where the world’s first electric tramway started, through Nuthe-Urstromtal until you finally reach Lutherstadt Wittenberg.

With this add - on you can explore one of Germany’s most important railway lines.

Key Features:

  • 115 km electrified main line from Berlin Hauptbahnhof to Lutherstadt Wittenberg
  • 12 km of Berlins S-Bahn (Line S25 from Teltow Stadt to Potsdamer Platz) with third rail and typical signaling
  • 30 detailed stations / stops
  • Bw Wittenberg with extensive shunting possibilities,, diesel petrol station,, coal bunker and water crane
  • Großbeeren Yard with several connections for shunting scenarios and container loading
  • Detailed KS - signaling system
  • Including PZB (5500//11000//22000Hz magnets)) by virtual Railroads
  • ZB outlined optically
  • Milestones every 200m,, on the tramway 100m
  • Sightseeing in Berlin ( Potsdamer Platz to the city limits))
  • Super-elevated curves in most areas of the add - on
  • Custom weather model
  • Meticulously animated night effects
  • Highly recognizable simulation / realistic landscape
  • Rolling stock double - decker coach RE160 with Matrix display
  • 10 scenarios

System Requirements:

  • Train Simulator


  • Downloadable product with installation program
  • Download size approx. 700 MB

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