ABy, Byu, Bybdzf (verkehrsrot / red)


  • € 6.71 Incl. 19% VAT: € 7.98

Incl. 19% VAT: € 7.98

Travel comfortly and contemporary - with these modernised passenger coachs in turquoise painting you can even choose between 1st and 2nd class. The runaround-manoeuvers of the old times are now forgotten, thanks to the cab cars. Same goes for the manually operated coach doors.


This coach set includes five DB/DR coaches:
• 2x Byu (1st Class, DR, DB)
• 2x ABy (1./2. Class, DR, DB)
• 1x Bybdzf 482 (2.Class cab car, DB)

All coaches come in the mint green paint scheme of Deutsche Bahn and Deutsche Reichsbahn. They include dynamic vehicle numbering, dynamic roof textures and animated doors. The cab car also has a dot-matrix display with 26 different destinations. All vehicles include textures for summer, autumn and winder. Although the cab car is not driveable, you may use it for AI traffic. This coach pack uses default Train Simulator sounds, but it also includes modified .bin files for owners of the Mk1/2 Coach Sound Pack by Armstrong Powerhouse (available seperately).

Download size: 20 MB, EXE-file

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