Transport Pack 'Freight Wagons'


  • € 16.76 Incl. 19% VAT: € 19.94

Incl. 19% VAT: € 19.94

Wherever you are travelling by rail, you will sure enough come across them: the freight wagons. Rail transport without them would simply be unimaginable. Reason enough to dedicate an entire transport pack 'Freight Wagon' to these flexible transport marvels!
 As a result, this pack sets completely new standards50 optimised freight wagons which are able to transport almost any possible freight, are included in the pack all at once and cannot wait to complete their first transport job. Gone are the days when you had to be careful not to reach the 32 Bit memory limit of the Train Simulator: our wagons are designed to use as little resources as possible. Thanks to low memory usageall 50 optimised freight wagons can be used simultaneously without encountering problems! And as if that weren't enough, you can drive all included wagons yourself.
In addition to several special wagons, this transport pack contains many bulk good wagons, container wagons, gondolas and boxcars, tank wagons ,as well as flat and heavy load wagons. All wagon types are equipped with individual and realistic sounds.Four scenarios for the Hamburg-Hanover Route Add-On are included in the pack. Our two train drivers on board of the supplied BR 185.2 (
non-drivable) support you in more than 150 block trains.

3DZUG's transport pack Freight Wagon has everything you need to get started with the simulator with varied trains and train compositions. So let's go on a ride!

Key features: 

• 50 optimized freight wagons included
• BR 185.2 (non-drivable) included
• realistic sounds included
• memory usage 160 MB Ram, 50 MB V-RAM (for all wagons simultaneously at 1440p)
• recommended minimum distance: 15 m
• all wagons can be driven by the driver
• more than 150 consists included
• CarCreator 'Light' included for selected wagons
• visible loads (and different weights) for open wagons
• 4 scenarios on Hamburg - Hanover


• BR 185.2 (non-drivable) with dynamic numbers
• BR 185 403

Bulk good wagons
• Falns (4x)
• Falns 121 (2x)

Flat and heavy load wagons
• Laas
• Rnoos
• Sahmms 711
• Sahmms t
• Samms (3x)
• Snps
• Talbot (German army)

Covered goods wagons 
• Habbiins (2x)
• Habins (2x)
• Habiis
• Habis
• Hbbins
• Hbis (2x)
• Hccrrs
• Hbbills

Covered Wagons
• Shimms (2x)
• Shimmns (2x)
• Rils
• Kijls
• Shimmns
• Sahimms

Tank wagons
• Uacs
• Zans (2x)
• Zags
• Zacens
• Zagkks*

Container wagons
• Sgns
• Sggnss
• Lgns*
• Sgjkkmms*

All container wagons are equipped with the CarCreator Light as well as individual not coincidental containers.

• Eanos
• Eaos
• Tamns

• Laaers*
• Falls Makies gravel wagon

Laaers wagons are equipped with CarCreator Light.

*These wagons are optimised models and do not correspond to the individual highly detailed wagons of 3DZUG.


System Requirements:
  • Train Simulator (Steam)


  • Hamburg-Hanover Route Add-On (Steam)
  • Metronom ME 146 Locomotive Add-On (Steam)
  • Dispolok DB BR 189 (Steam)
  • DB BR 152 Locomotive Add-On (Steam)

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