Rheingold Scenario Pack

Trains & Drivers

  • € 5.00 Incl. 19% VAT: € 5.95

Incl. 19% VAT: € 5.95

This Trains & Drivers audio enhanced scenario pack for Train Simulator  is all about the iconic TEE Rheingold train and the impressive DB BR 103 Locomotive. This special heritage rail tour lets you experience the DB BR 103 with the TEE coaches during your trip through the southern and southwestern parts of Germany. Mainline runs, combined with some shunting tasks will give you a wonderful and varying amount of scenarios.

The scenarios:

  • TaD Rheingold 1. Preparations (BR294, Munich - Augsburg)

Your shift begins in Munich, where you will start the day by pickung up the train at Laim  and bringing the TEE Rheingold from Laim Yard to Munich main station.

  • TaD Rheingold 2. Departing Munich (BR103 TEE, Munich - Augsburg)

The railtour starts and you will take the TEE Rheingold to its first stop at Augsburg.

  • TaD Rheingold 3. Via Karlsruhe to Mannheim (BR103 TEE, Karlsruhe - Mannheim)

This part starts some kilometres before Karlsruhe, where you will change your direction of travel. After shunting your loco to the other end of the train, the trip continues northwards. You may take it easy on the way up north, there is no need to travel faster than 160km/h. You may speed up to 200 km/h, but expect a long wait shortly before Mannheim then.

  • TaD Rheingold 4. Arriving at Cologne (BR103, Cologne - Koblenz)

In this final leg of the rail tour, you are driving the train through the beautiful valley of the Rhine until you reach your final destination: Cologne.

Key features:

  • Four scenarios on three routes - building a complete rail tour from Munich to Cologne.
  • Announcements by the tour guide in German and English language.
  • Each scenario comes in three different versions to be used with a wide range of rolling stock
  • Station announcements and special announcements by female and male narrators.
  • HD-Audio in 256 KB/s
  • Downloadable product with installation program
  • Download size approx. 83 MB
  • Soundboard technology by Versystem Sounddesign
  • Scenarios in English and German language

System requirements:

  • Train Simulator
  • Munich -Augsburg Route Add-On (Steam)
  • Mannheim – Karlsruhe Route Add-On (Steam)
  • Cologne – Koblenz Route Add-On (Steam)
  • DB BR 103 TEE Add-On (Steam) or vR DB BR 103 TEE (Expert-Line Add-On)
  • DB BR 423 EMU Add-On (Steam)
  • Optional, not required: TTB Szenariopaket II: München - Augsburg

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