T:ANE The Broadway Limited


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Incl. 19% VAT: € 10.98

Come on board! 3DZUG is taking you back to the golden ages of the American railroads and brings you one of the most famous US trains, Pennsylvania Railroad’s “Broadway Limited”.
The Broadway Limited operated between New York City and Chicago, starting in 1912 right up until 1995. It was the Pennsylvania's premier train, competing directly with the New York Central Railroad's 20th Century Limited.
3DZUG is bringing you the 1938th version of the train including seven detailed railcars.
The train used entirely Pullman cars including, sleeper cars, diner, kitchen and observation cars.
A session for Kickstarter County and a high detailed passenger view for the observation car are also included.

  • PRR Broadway Limited 1938th Edition
  • City series sleeping car (Canton, Erie, Johnstown, Wheeling, York)
  • Harbor series sleeper-bar-lounge (Cove, Point, Rest, Springs)
  • Heavyweight dining car
  • Kitchen car with restrooms
  • Imperial series sleeping car (Fields, Hills, Park, Plateau, Road)
  • County Series sleeping car (Cambria, Jefferson, Lake, Philadelphia)
  • View Series observation car (Federal, Mountain, Tower, Washington)
  • Detailed passenger cabin for observation car
  • Realistic sounds
  • Taillight support
  • Session for Kickstarter County
  • is running on TRS 2019

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This product is delivered as a zipped download including installation program and manuals.

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