T:ANE Laaers-Car Transporter


  • € 5.76 Incl. 19% VAT: € 6.85

Incl. 19% VAT: € 6.85

Hold on tight and get ready for a superlative experience!

With our Laaers car transporter, we're setting new standards and introducing one of the most innovative carriers for Trainz-A New Era!
Three highly detailed car models are waiting for you to transport on the ultra-modern vehicle, in use in northern europe. You can select each individual car for every space on the transporter - and choose between up to 54 different options - allowing you to personally customize the train.  
But it's not just the cargo; the impressive transporter itself creates excitement wherever it goes. The Laaers car transporter is available in two highly detailed versions in orange and red, with attractive textures and sophisticated lettering whose high quality is impressive even in a close-up shot. You can also customise the vehicle itself, thanks to a wide range of options, including 4 levels of cleanliness:

Do you like things really dirty, or are you more of a clean freak? Whichever you choose, you'll enjoy yourself! Of course, this transporter is also supported by an individual sound and taillights and has the look of an extremely detailed model with dynamic numbers and textures.
With the two included sessions for the London-Edinburgh route, you can get on the road right away.

One vehicle - endless possibilities!


- Laaers car transporter coloured orange and DB (Deutsche Bahn) red (different models)
- four different levels of cleanliness, customizable for each car
- three different highly detailed industry products (cabrio, familycar and sportcar) delivered in three different colors
- upper and lower lane can be loaded independently
- Laaers car recognizes if it is loaded or empty and changes small details on it’s own
- highly detailed car models and sophisticated lettering including more than 100 selectable UIC (international standardized wagon) numbers with corresponding check  number
- brand-new original sound including brake and coupling sound
- consists included
- two sessions included (Kings Cross-Edinburgh)
- visible european UIC coupling
- taillights
- trainz industry support
- designed for T:ANE

Download size: 145 MB 

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