Canadian Freight Scenario Pack

Trains & Drivers

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Incl. 19% VAT: € 5.95

This Trains & Drivers scenario pack for the stunning Canadian Mountain Passes: Revelstoke - Lake Louise Route Add-On delivers eight interesting and forcing scenarios. Also included is an exclusive 100-t-Coal hopper model which is used in all eight scenariosThis scenario pack let´s you experience the daily work of an Canadian Pacific Railroad engineer. The average difficulty level is medium, but you will also be confronted with hard situations like stopping your train in steep parts of the route, or making unexpected stops due to weather conditions or traffic.

The scenarios:

Westbound Winter Run Pt.I
In this scenario you will drive a train with empty coal hoppers to Revelstoke, where the next crew will take over the train. This run is split into four parts. The first part begins in Eldon on a winter´s afternoon and ends with an unexpected stop in Field.

Westbound Winter Run Pt.II
The second part takes you from Field to Moberly. It´s early evening now and you will have to pass a dangerous avalanche site in the hills. MOW is already working there but traffic is limited to high priority trains.

Westbound Winter Run Pt.III
Due to your stop at Moberly another westbound service has passed and you will be following it. It´s a slow train and you will have to be careful and watch the signals. Try to keep your train running, a stop in the steep parts of the line can cost you time and it will be hard to get your train rolling again.

Westbound Winter Run Pt.IV
This is the last part of the run. Starting at Glacier you will have the chance to pass the train which slowed you down during the last part. This scenario ends in Revelstoke where the next crew will take over your train.

Eastbound Run Pt.I
In this scenario you will drive an eastbound manifest train from Revelstoke to Eldon where the next crew will take over. The weather is not a problem today and there should not be any other delays during your run. This scenario ends in Ross Peak.

Eastbound Run Pt.II
In this second part of the scenario you will continue your run from Ross Peak to Hill. There
should be no delays during this part of the scenario, although the weather has turned to the bad.

Eastbound Run Pt.III
It´s a rainy afternoon and in this third part you will drive your manifest from Hill to Field. There is a construction site at Leanchoil and a temporary speed restriction, so be careful.

Eastbound Run Pt.IV 
This is the last leg of your run from Field to Eldon where your shift ends.

System Requirements:

  • Train Simulator (Dovetail Games)
  • Canadian Mountain Passes: Revelstoke - Lake Louise Route Add-On

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